Solid and engineered wood refinishing


Solid and engineered hardwood refinishing

The hardwood floor refinishing process is critical, helping your floors achieve their intended lifespan, whether solid or engineered wood. Also, through the refinishing process, you can customize the look of your hardwood floors. Whether you want a lighter or darker color, or a glossy or matte finish, refinishing allows for personalization to match your desired aesthetic. Understanding the process can maintain your peace of mind and allow you to follow the process from start to finish with even extensive services. Here are some solid and engineered hardwood flooring refinishing facts that will serve you well as you prepare to choose all your options.

Consider these wood floor refinishing details

Once the furniture and valuables have been removed from the room being refinished, the first step in the project is sanding. Sanding floors erases years of wear and abuse, leaving a new wood layer onto which we add new stain and finish. We'll discuss all the options surrounding this part of the service, including dustless sanding and catchment, for your complete confidence.

Some homeowners change their stain color during this process, opting for a different color for décor matching or a change in scenery. The perfect stain can liven up the room and enhance the visual aesthetic of the flooring, giving you stunning results that last. You should know that solid and engineered wood floor refinishing results can differ, based on the species chosen, as each soaks up stain differently. When choosing a hardwood stain, it's essential to consider the wood species, the desired look, and the overall design style of your space. It's recommended to test stain samples on a small, inconspicuous area of the wood to ensure it achieves the desired result before applying it to the entire surface.

Lastly, a protective layer of polyurethane is applied, enhancing the natural wood beauty, offering durability, and allowing the hardwood to last as long as it should. In addition to professional hardwood floor refinishing services, our team can help you choose the right product, matching your lifestyle and in-house traffic, for a fantastic surface you can live on, even in your busiest areas.



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